012-VB51-Warming display 1 shelf 50 cm


Warming countertop display

The showcases are designed and tested for the exhibition of pastry products from oven, as brioches, croissants, muffins. Particular attention was paid to design, to enhance both products exhibited that the surrounding environment.

The structure is in stainless steel sheet, polished finish. Special care is given to remove processing burrs.
Sides are in transparent plexiglas, 6 mm thick.
Doors are transparent plexiglas 3 mm thick, mould forming.
Doors are placed on two fronts to allow inside access both by the service side than the customer side (self-service usage).
At the doors are applied mould manufacture stainless steel profiles, allowing a perfect coupling to the hinges pins. The strenght hinges supporting the doors, from our exclusive concept, allow the complete opening of the doors.

Heating by stainless steel heating elements, box housed, controlled by thermostat 30/90°C and signal lamp. Lighting on-off switch. Plug-in cable with plug.
A water stainless steel drip tray avoid drying of the products.

Dimensions: cm 50x35x25H
Shelves: 1
Net weight: kg 9
Power: 400 Watts
Electric connection: 230Volt 50/60 Hz


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