016-KB81-R-Warming display KUBE 1 shelf 87 cm


Warming countertop display

Showcases designed and tested for the exhibition of pastry products from oven, as brioches, croissants, muffins, but also suitable to exhib variuos foods, or (the unheated type) any other product to be showed in an elegant and strenghtness shop window.
Particular attention was paid to design, to enhance both products exhibited that the surrounding environment.

The structure is in stainless steel sheet, scotch brite polished finish.
The uprights are moulded in a rounded square 35×35 mm section and, together with the upper frame, give the structure an exceptional strenght.
The intermediate shelves, removables, are in stainless steel.
UPON REQUEST glass shelves can be supplied.
Sides and front panel (customer side) are in tempered glass 4 mm thick.
Doors on service side are in transparent polycarbonate 4 mm thick.
ONLY UPON REQUEST doors can be mounted on the two fronts, to allow inside access both by the service side than the customer side (self-service usage).
The hinges supporting the doors, applied wit pressure screw, allow the complete opening of the doors (nearly 170°).
The top is in tempered glass 5 mm thick, blocked at the structure by 4 strenght large head screws.
Useful space between shelves is 15 cm.
Adjustable feet.

Warming (warming model signed with -R) by stainless steel heating element, box housing, controlled by thermostat 30/90° C and signal lamp. On-off lighting switch, plug-in cable with plug.
A stainless steel removable waterproof tray grants a little steaming to avoid products drying.

Dimensions: cm 87x37x24H
Shelves: 1
Net weight: kg 17
Power: 800 Watts
Electric connection: 230Volt 50/60 Hz


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